You can find a digital copy of Nietzsche’s “On Truth and Lies in a Nonmoral Sense” if you would like to view his work in its original format.


Music used for the project was an edited version of an instrumental song by Muse entitled “New Born”.


Pictures were available online through the internet and can be obtained through the following links in order of appearance in the video:

Earth Picture

Vitruvian Man Picture

Giza Pyramids Picture

Egyptian People Picture

The Great Wall Picture

Ancient Chinese People  Picture

Colosseum Picture

Caesar Picture

Aztec Pyramid Picture

Aztec Sacrifice Picture

Collage of History Picture

Skull Illusion Picture

Racism: Not in this Town Picture

Suburban Family Picture

Projects Picture

Statue of Liberty Picture

Lynching Picture

World Religions Picture

Holy Bible Picture

Abortion Doctor Shot Picture

The Holy Qu’ran Picture

Muslim Protesters Picture

The Buddha Book Picture

Man Burning Self Picture

The Torah Picture

Israeli Soldier Picture

Collage of Propaganda Picture

Presidential Seal Picture

Uncle Sam Propaganda Picture

American Soldier Torturing Picture

Hitler Picture

Nazi Propaganda Picture

Nazi and Child Picture

Kim Jong Il Picture

Northern Korea Propaganda Picture

Northern Korean Missiles Picture

Ape with Human Skull Picture